Complete Birthball Exercise Package

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 The Miracle Box Ball is safety tested by the GS Institute and is rated with a maximum load of 250kg as burst-resistant . This quality ball comes boxed complete with a hi-pressure 6" pump and is ideal for working out, for yoga, pilates, physiotherapy or use as an ergonomic chair. Conforms to EU Medical Devices Directive. Other benefits of using this ball can be during pregnancy & labour.

What size Excercise/Birthing Ball do I require?

The suggested ball size is related to your height. This is so that when you sit on the ball (when correctly inflated to the indicated size) your knees are positioned slightly lower than your hips. The recommended ball/height size is as follows:

Height 5'5"/165cms and under - 55cm Gym Ball
Height 5'6"/167.5cms - 6'1"/185.5cms - 65cm Gym Ball